A place of Refuge

Regardless of who you are, be it Pastor, church leader, lay-person, seasoned believer, or recently born-again, we can help! Trinity Retreat will provide the opportunity for you to get away from the daily battles of life in order to re-group and develop a new game plan to fight the good fight! This will be done by providing a place for you a place to retreat on a temporary basis and tap into Christ-centered counseling as well as other resources that will help you turn your situation around. This free service has already been provided by God, and therefore, there is no charge for your entire stay.


•To manage a faith-based organization whose primary goal is to help Christians find or re-find their way so as to increase their long-term chances for spiritual success;

•To provide counseling and referral services tailored to each need;

•To help each person see their God-given potential and innate abilities; and

•To take care of physical basic needs such as room and board while in treatment.


Trinity Retreat was founded by Louis and Cora Fry III through the power of the Holy Spirit and much prayer. Louis was given the mandate to help wounded Christians find a place to heal, recuperate, and get back in the fray. Trinity Retreat was the result. 

Louis, a well-respected Architect utilizes his architectural experience, management skills, and spiritual gifts to create the proper environment for this Retreat. Cora, his wife, brings her significant mental health counseling skills to bear in helping to assure that the proper attention is provided to each of Trinity Retreat’s guests. 

Through God’s grace, Louis and Cora have spent the last three years providing a free haven for the weary in search of God’s direction.  Let Trinity Retreat do the same for you!

Board Members

  • Mr. and Mrs. Louis & Cora Fry III
  • Dr. Vicki-Lynn Holmes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert and A'Lexa Hawkins Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs.  Roland and Andy  Wiley

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